Posted in July 2013

Country Of Origin Labeling … Not COOL

In a previous blog I mentioned Country Of Origin Labeling amendments (COOL) in passing but now I want to focus on them just a bit more. Scott George, president of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association recently wrote an article focusing on “The Fallacy of COOL“. In his article, Mr. George points out some interesting aspect of … Continue reading

More about BEEF!

Did you know that Health Canada recommends beef for infants 6 months of age and older as a first food? I have several notes from my travel to Calgary for the International Livestock Congress – Canada and I think it is time I share them! This may be a bit complex for anyone not somewhat … Continue reading

BEEF Facts

It has been a little while since I last posted a new blog, so I thought I would post a few short, bullet-point facts about beef. These facts are selected from the Masters of Beef Advocacy program which I strongly recommend to anyone interested in animal agriculture! It is a great program that gives you … Continue reading

ILC – Calgary

Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! I am spending the rest of the week here attending the International Livestock Congress with 20 amazingly talented young students. We will have the opportunity to interact with each other, industry professionals, and academics and we will get to take in some of the Calgary Stampede! So first thing is … Continue reading

A week at home and played vet twice

After a very busy couple of weeks at Auburn and hosting the 66th Annual Reciprocal Meat Conference, the boss lady cleared me to go home and relax for a week. That lasted about two minutes because the family put me to work as soon as I arrived. The most interesting and nerve-racking job of the … Continue reading

New Rules for Labeling Meat

Shoppers in the U.S. will soon have more information about where their meat comes from after new federal labeling rules went into effect last week. The rules require labels on steaks, ribs and other cuts of meat to say where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered. Earlier U.S. Department of Agriculture rules only required … Continue reading

Drought Accelerates Use of Drugs to Beef Up Cattle

Cattle feeders in the U.S. are coping with reduced herds and high corn costs in part by increasing their use of growth-inducing drugs designed to bulk up animals, get more pounds of beef from each carcass and circumvent the drought’s withering effects on the food cycle. Accelerated use of the drugs, known as “beta-agonists,” is … Continue reading