Posted in May 2013

Harvest Facilities at Work

Harvest Facilities at Work You should take a few minutes to read the article and watch the video. It is a bit graphic for small children but parents should watch it, especially if you are concerned about how harvest facilities work.

Let’s Talk Beef Cattle

Today I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Wedowee, Alabama to give a talk at a farm tour and luncheon hosted by the Walker family. A little torrential downpour didn’t stop us! We began the festivities with lunch which included brisket sandwiches served up by the Auburn University Collegiate Cattlemen and Cattlewomen. (They were … Continue reading

Eat Local – Be Local!

There is a lot of talk about supporting LOCAL farmers and how consumers need to demand local products. What is local? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages? Is local food better for me and my family? Today I hope to answer these questions. What is local food? The definition can be tricky depending … Continue reading

Dinner Table Convo with the Fam

So at the dinner table today my grandpa asks me what I am still doing in school and what this research stuff I’m doing is. Can of worms opened after I explained that I am focusing on meat science and food safety. My uncle yells “food safety?!?” The conversation that followed was the best part. … Continue reading